Operativni program "Konkurentnost i kohezija" 2014. - 2020. (Operational Programme Competitivness and Cohesion 2014-2020)



11/2015 - 07/2019.

Total Value of the Project 

33.782.458,92 kuna

EU funds co-financing

25.995.571,00 kuna

Short Description of the Project

Project " Lazareti -Creative Hub of Dubrovnik" consists of 11 components. The project comprises of renovation of three naves of historic Lazareti complex and procurement of the equipment necessary for new cultural and touristic programs for local community, as well as tourists. The project holder is the City of Dubrovnik and the partners are public institutions, NGOs and private enterprises.

Environmental aspect will be assured through introduction of renewable energy sources in outdoor illumination, installation of 3 smart benches and replacing lightning sources with LED lights. The project accommodates to the needs of disabled persons: tourist guides will be educated on guiding persons with different disabilities and, in order to give them full experience of cultural heritage, a model of Lazareti adapted to blind persons will be made.

Renewal of the three naves of Lazareti during " Lazareti -Creative Hub of Dubrovnik" Project

Project Objectives and Expected Outcomes

General objective of the " Lazareti -Creative Hub of Dubrovnik" Project is to advance cultural heritage management with intention of contributing to sustainable development at both local and regional levels, all through valorization of cultural heritage buildings and widening cultural-touristic programs in regard to the cultural heritage of the City of Dubrovnik

Specific objective or purpose of the " Lazareti -Creative Hub of Dubrovnik" Project: the City of Dubrovnik will be recognized year-round as a cultural and historic destination (because of the renewal and equipping of the cultural monument complex Lazareti and its new cultural and touristic function) .That will become a foundation for implementation of the integrated destination development program.

Renewal and equipping of the historic monument complex Lazareti will ensure infrastructural requirements for newly developed and existing but improved cultural –touristic programs.

Cultural, scientific, educational and touristic programs and products for visitors will be developed and established. Through touristic valorization of cultural heritage within integrated development program strong collaboration between public institutions, NGOs and private enterprises will be established.

Dubrovnik will be adequately promoted as tourist destination at local, regional, national and global level.


Project Manager

Iva Carević Peković

Dubrovačka baština d.o.o.


Project Administrator

Ana Hilje

City of Dubrovnik
Administrative Department for Culture and Heritage


Lazareti Chief Coordinator

Zrinka Lucianović

Dubrovačka baština d.o.o.



Lazareti Administrator

Nikoleta Belemečić

Dubrovačka baština d.o.o.