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"Fool`s Gold Beauty" - exhibition of forgeries from the Police Museum collection

The purpose of the exibition of the forgeries from the collection of the Police Museum conveniently entitlet Fool`s Gold Beauty is to warn about the unscrupulousness of the black market intentionally aimed at deceiving well-intentioned, yet naive and inexpert art buyers.

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L4 — Multifunctional Hall 4
Dubrovnik, A Scarred City
„Dubrovnik, A Scarred City“ Exhibition

Exhibition 'Dubrovnik, A Scarred City: The Deconstruction and Restoration of Dubrovnik 1991-2000' was opened on October 1st 2019 in the 2nd hall of the renovated Lazareti Complex as part of a program to commemorate the 28th anniversary of the start of the attack on Dubrovnik.

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L2 — Multifunctional Hall 2
Linđovi koncerti
Linđo Concert

Every Tuesday and Friday at 21:30 h, from August 25th on, enjoy Linđo Concerts in Lazareti.

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L6 — Linđo
Mirko Ilić: The Second Before the Catastrophe – Comic Strip, Illustration and Design
Mirko Ilić: The Second Before the Catastrophe – Comic Strip, Illustration and Design

With the exhibition Mirko Ilić: The Second Before the Catasrophe – Comic Strip, Illustration and Design curated by Marko Golub & Dejan Kršić Dubrovnik public will have a chance to find out why is Mirko Ilić after more than four decades still one of the most interesting graphic designers and illustrators and why he is a global star.

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L4 — Multifunctional Hall 4



Informative publications, videos and apps are available for free download.
They were created through the “Lazareti Creative Hub of Dubrovnik” EU Project.

Monograph: LAZARETTO IN DUBROVNIK Beginning of the Quarantine Regulation in Europe
Since the Lazaretto was insufficiently examined and since there was no publication that
united previous findings about the complex, we had an idea during the project proposal
phase to try and publish an adequate monograph, that was then included in the project
Lazaretto – Creative Hub of Dubrovnik. The monograph tried to bring together authors
who, in their previous professional work, studied lazarettos at the local and international
level. The results we bring in this book provide the contextual framework of the Lazaretto
history, many new and important details, but also an obligation for future archaeological
and historical investigation. Specifically, during the recent archaeological excavations a
historical pavement was discovered in the courtyard between naves 7 and 8, with a well
underneath, but also small parts of older wall structures whose date and function were
not determined because of insufficient examination. The discoveries made during the
architectural reconstruction and new research results are consolidated in the monograph:
Lazaretto in Dubrovnik. Beginning of the Quarantine Regulation in Europe, and undoubtedly
represent an added value to the entire project.
Lazareti once
Audio Guide
If you want to take a walk down Lazareti’s memory lane, we recommend our audio guide!